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It's important for all prospective clients to realize that nutritional therapy is not a "quick fix" approach to addressing one's goals and/or health concerns. Just as it takes time for the body to become unbalanced and plagued with various symptoms, it is equally a time-intensive (and intentional) process to reverse the effects that our modern lives (and diet) have on our overall health and wellbeing. The relationship a person has with their body is ever-evolving; and as a result (and more often than not), the healing process is not linear. As such, and as a means to best support you and this journey, you will notice that I only offer package options, instead of a-la-carte sessions. 

Nutritional Therapy Services
  • FREE Discovery Call (nutritional therapy/garden consulting inquiries)
    30 min
  • Available Online
    Initial Clinical Assessment
    2 hr
  • Available Online
    3-month Nutritional Therapy Package (+ option to add RESTART Program!)
  • Available Online
    Deep Nutritional Therapy + Functional Lab Testing Package
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