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We all have a story. Mine began as a fairly normal midwest kid, with dreams of becoming the next Mia Hamm. Growing up, competitive soccer was my jam, and at no point back then could I have ever come close to envisioning the life that was ahead of me. I studied International Relations & Business in college, with aspirations to join the Peace Corps and eventually, the U.S. Foreign Service. But the universe (and our lives) unfold in mysterious ways.


With an athletic background paired alongside a curiosity and passion for outdoor adventure, I serendipitously began to carve out a life for myself in the small mountain town of Steamboat Springs, CO post-undergrad. Motivated more by the richness of experience, I slowly started to acquire new skills, hobbies, and interests, piecing together various personal, professional, recreational, and educational pursuits. Although somewhat unconventional, in time this ultimately led to a more focused and intentional path within the health and wellness space.


Not surprisingly, many practitioners feel called to this path seeking to resolve their own health challenges; yet, this wasn't the case for me ---- something I feel incredibly grateful for, despite the very real feelings of imposter syndrome that initially surfaced. Instead, stemming from an inherent interest in farming, agriculture, and the incredibly backwards-nature of our (socio-economic & highly politicized) industrialized food system, I began to see the glaring + undeniable connection that exists between this and our health, ultimately feeling called to a greater purpose to empower both myself and others through the all-important lens of functional nutrition and restorative wellness practices. 

Much like life (and the above journey I just shared), health + healing also isn't linear. We're all a work in progress, and I'm hear to remind you that this is okay! There is no "right" way, or "perfect" timeline. Just right now, this moment. One decision, one day, one (action) step at a time. With our health, our athletics, our recovery...and in life.


The journey IS the reward ---- and I'd be honored to guide + support you on the next chapter of YOUR health & wellness story. 


Career Highlights & Credentials

D1 Athlete, BIG TEN Championship Title, MSU Women's Rowing, '04

B.A., Summa Cum Laude, Michigan State University, '08

Farm Apprentice, Gallatin Valley Botanical, '12

Senior Ski Guide, Steamboat Powdercats, '13 - Present

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), NTA '15

Farm Manager, Cloverdale Farm, '16 -'18

Founded toBnourished, LLC, '19

Licensed Instructor, The RESTART Program, '19

Level1, Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP-L1), RWS '20

Level 2, Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP-L2), RWS '20

Level 3, Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP-L3) RWS '21 

"As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears."

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