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Deep Nutritional Therapy + Functional Lab Testing Package

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Service Description

"All disease begins in the gut." -Hippocrates Optimal digestion (i.e. gut health) is the absolute highest healing priority of the body. As such, this is where we initially direct much our attention, & where we begin the deep healing work required as a means for addressing the root cause of your body's imbalances, along with supporting its unique, bioindividual needs. This package includes all of the services of the B*inspired package, but also includes customized, therapeutic supplementation alongside extensive dietary/lifestyle changes & the use of Functional Lab Testing to directly address underlying digestive dysfunction. The two primary lab tests I offer are the GI-Map DNA Stool Analysis & the MRT-170 Food Sensitivity Test (along with SIBO testing, if deemed necessary). Objective lab testing eliminates any guesswork, while also providing a more accurate & detailed picture of your specific physiology. This ultimately results in the most effective, timely, & economic approach to best achieve the desired outcomes & healing that you seek. This package does NOT include the additional costs of these labs OR the additional supplement costs associated with this very intensive, albeit highly effective & targeted healing protocol. This approach is not for the faint of heart. It will expect & demand an extensive commitment from the client, both in time, effort, & finances. Although many can benefit from this type of work, only those who are truly motivated & committed to their healing journey should consider this option. The typical timeline for this package is roughly 4-5 months (following the Initial Consult), as most protocols are at least 12-16 weeks in length. Common symptoms/conditions that stand to improve from this type of work include those who suffer from excessive gas, bloating, stomach pain/discomfort, heartburn/reflux, constipation, nausea, food sensitivities, IBS, autoimmune conditions, blood sugar imbalances (including Diabetes), weight loss (or weight gain) issues, hormone imbalances, energy, fatigue, and/or sleep issues, headaches/migraines, inflammatory conditions, joint/muscle pain, skin issues, and those with mood disorders/imbalances. To recap, this package includes the following: -B*empowered, Initial Consultation -Functional Lab Testing -6 additional virtual follow-up appointments (60 mins, ~every 3-4 weeks) -A highly customized, 12+ week healing protocol -15% off supplementation costs -Unlimited email support

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(630) 995-1392

Steamboat Springs, CO, USA

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