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To be interested in food 
and not food production 
is clearly absurd. 
-Wendell Berry


Farm(h)er B

My journey into nutrition specifically, and holistic health in general, was actually born out of my interest in our food system.

While on a study abroad program in India as an undergraduate student years ago, I became privy to the seemingly backwards nature of our conventional agricultural model (particularly within the United States), and the serious implications this has to the health and wellbeing of both the environment and our bodies. 

In the years since, I have cultivated a deep and passionate relationship to the local and sustainable food movement, finding my voice as an informal advocate on the importance (and necessity) of organic, biodynamic, and ethical agricultural (and animal-husbandry) practices, alongside actually rolling up my sleeves (and digging IN the dirt!) to hone my newly-discovered green-thumb tendencies (all while encouraging others to do - and support - the same). 

Following a 6-month long farm-apprentice position on a 12-acre diversified, organic vegetable farm in Bozeman, MT during the 2012 growing season, I returned to Steamboat Springs, CO where I became (and remain) an active member with the
Routt County Extension, Colorado Master Gardeners. In addition to this, I spent three seasons as the Lead Grower & Farm Manager of the locally-inspired Cloverdale Farm (and Restaurant), ahead of its premature and untimely closure in 2018. 

Presently, I have shifted my focus to smaller, more custom projects, offering up my skills and insights to fellow backyard gardeners who are eager to create, grow, and enjoy edible and sustainable landscapes of their own. 

If you are looking for inspiration and guidance in creating or reviving a residential or commercial culinary garden space, I'd love to connect with you! Please see below for a list of my services. 

Kitchen & Culinary Garden Services

  • Garden Design

  • Planting Plans

  • Garden "Coaching"

(i.e. troubleshooting)

  • Build-outs & Installs

  • Rainwater Capture
    & Compost Systems

  • Virtual & In-person options 


Weeding, watering, planting help, harvesting, pest control, succession planting, soil amendments, fall clean-up, ranch animal care & support, etc. 



  • DIY container & raised bed kits
    (i.e. materials + assembly instructions)

  • Pre-fab edible planters (i.e. herbs, flowers, & veggies)



A monthly membership subscription service for tips, tricks, education, and problem-solving support to empower you towards becoming the best backyard gardener or urban homesteader you desire to be!

Coming Soon!

Kitchen Garden Club

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